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RENDERBEE ARCHVIZ (Architectural Visualization)

Rendering is crucial for architects to properly visualize architectural representations. Our team of professional artists are here to assist you in designing your architectural visualization for 3D perspectives and animated 3D walkthroughs.

The pool of talent is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in architecture and 3D animation, using industry standard softwares. We currently support Autodesk 3DS Max with Mental Ray, V-Ray, and Scanline Renderer; and also Autodesk Maya with Mental Ray V-Ray, and Maya software. Other platforms are also supported. With these, the team translates 2D designs/blueprints into 3D models and renders, accomplishes texturing and lighting of each scene, and finish the rendering of the final output using our Renderbee Farm.

We assure you that your designs get modeled and rendered in the best way possible. If you have more ideas for your work, our team is here to assist you. Drop by our office and we'll help you with your project.