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Renderbee Remembers: The Manila City Hall

The Manila City Hall (Artist's Illustration)

For the next few months, Renderbee is launching Renderbee Remembers, a digital campaign that seeks to promote Philippine history and culture through architecture and design.

We wish to reimagine the heritage of our country and let Filipinos remember the beauty of our past and potential of our people. And to start things off, we want to feature first the Manila City Hall.

The Manila City Hall

In 1904, the first Manila City Hall building was established and, in August 19, 1941, the present one was built and inaugurated by Hon. Eulogio Rodriguez.  During the Second World War the building was decimated. And in 1946, under the American regime and because of the Philippine Rehabilitation Act 1946, it was rebuilt.

The Image

Our team of professional artists worked together to render the historical site. Renderbee’s senior artist, Patrick Arevalo, and 3D artist, Vlad Samonte, worked together to lead the is design. Utilizing different software such as 3Ds Max and Photoshop, they reimagined the scene and recreated an angle that of a passerby seeing Manila City Hall, catching the iconic clock tower, the old-fashioned street lamps, and the cloudy horizon reminiscent to 70-plus-year old monument.

Standing the Test of Time

The Manila City Hall has withstood so much. Even with the horrific 1945 Battle of Manila, the building has been revived and continues to serve as the seat of government in the bustling capital of the Philippines. This month we celebrate the 76th anniversary of the present building’s completion and see it as a testimony of the enduring spirit of the Filipino people.


Vlad Samonte - Modeling

Patrick Arevalo - Texturing, lighting, post-processing