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The Aguinaldo Shrine and 119 Years of Philippine Independence

Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite (3D representation)

The Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite is where the Philippine Declaration of Independence was read first in June 12, 1898. This year, 2017, marks the 119th anniversary of the Philippine’s independence. And the mansion still stands today as a National Shrine declared by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

Our team decided to recreate the architectural façade of the monument for this holiday celebrating the hundred-plus-years of our country’s freedom.

From the Artist's Perspective

“I looked for references and downloaded different angles and based the model from these,” said Donnie Teodoro, Senior Artist of Renderbee. “It took me around 3 working days to finish it. I didn’t really experience any problem during the process. I just had trouble finding images. A lot of them weren’t as accurate as I expected them to be, so I had to do approximate measures for the other elements. But the textures don’t always have to be exact. It depends on the artist’s perspective.”

Donnie utilized different kinds of software for this 3D model of the Aguinaldo Shrine. “I used 3Ds max and V-Ray for the structure and lighting. I prefer using them mainly out of preference but also because it’s easier to refine things with them, especially the terrace since that’s the focal point of the image.”

Lighting is important according to the senior artist because “without it, the image has no depth and that’s what enhances the image – it helps bring out the feeling of the image with how you let the light drop and place the shadows.” When asked about finishing the nitty-gritty of the perspective he explained “Photoshop is good for the small details such as the mirror’s the dusty-look.”

Philippine Architecture as a Testimony

Philippine history may be tumultuous but Philippine architecture is a testimony of what our countrymen can do. The Aguinaldo Shrine has stood the test of time, existing for over 160 years, and is still preserved as a museum that is open to all.

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