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Imagine finishing your work faster than usual without compromising quality. When schedules clash and workload piles up, this may require help from another party. So like busy bees diligently and carefully making their hive, this is what Renderbee aims to do.
Renderbee was established in 2015 to accomplish rendering needs of architects and interior designers in the country using our very own render farm. The Renderbee Farm carries 192 cores and has 16 servers, providing the ideal hardware to achieve fast rendering time. Our ArchViz service (Architectural Visualization) finishes architectural perspectives and 3D animation walkthroughs among other things. The company has since then pioneered architectural virtual reality (VR) in the Philippines utilizing the latest consoles to create a new and more immersive experience in architectural visualization. Aside from these, the company has expanded and now offers various corporate branding and digital marketing services for different industries.

We have professionals with years of experience in architecture, animation, graphic design, and many other fields. Comprised of experienced and passionate individuals with industry standard technology, we set the bar in envisioning your project goals and making them come to life.


Renderbee is the mainstream render service provider in the Philippines and the first and only rendering service in Manila. We speed up workflow and resolve project issues of architects and creatives with our own brand of services.


Our Mission

To provide cost-effective services through collaboration of experts and industry standard technology, so we can help entrepreneurs and artists express their ideas and envision their business goals.
Our Vision

To innovate creative solutions for businesses so they may strengthen their brand to benefit, not only themselves, but also the local and international marketplace.